March 24, 2009

Potato Tower #1

We finally planted one of our potato towers. This one is done via the lasagna method where we have created 4 layers of potatoes in hopes they will grow out the side of our the chicken wire. Since potatoes love green compost we have layered this with compostable products from around the garden and home.

For this tower we have used coffee grounds, spent yerbe matte tea, newspapers, wood shavings from the chicken coop, a pile of dried leaves and green waste from some ripped up nasturtiums. This is all mixed in layers with some dirt to make a sort of "lasagna". No high tech strategy was used. We just kind of piled on different layers of material between each layer of potatoes. To top it off we put a cherry tomato plant on the top. Now that is un-researched and we have no idea what is going happen. Experiments galore this season.

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